pizza bowl


The recipe for this delicious and filling pizza bowl came from Isa Does it.  Basically it is brown rice topped with kale, vegan sausage, onions and garlic.  For the sausage I used the Tofurky artisan, spinach pesto.  It is topped with a cashew based sauce, sliced olives and red pepper flakes.  The only thing I changed was I cooked the garlic for the cashew sauce. 

What I love about simple meal ideas like this is being able to recreate it and make sit your own.  For this meal I followed the recipe as it was written however, I think next time I will try it with some other pizza toppings.  Maybe a veggie lovers pizza with broccoli and peppers!  You could even create your own favorite ‘cheezy’ sauce to complete the dish.  The book also suggests trying it with polenta instead of rice for a more Italian style dish.

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