Summer update

nasturtium   I can hardly believe that so much time pass since my last blog post.  This past spring I began working toward a Masters in library science.  Suffice to say it has kept me very busy with reading and writing research papers.  I am however very hopeful that this is only the beginning toward a truly fulfilling career.  So far I have been enjoying my classes, and have begun making connections with others in the field.

Summer has been going by very quickly as usual.  My veggie garden is doingYellow tomatoes very well this year, it may be the best year yet. I planted dragon lingerie beans, snap peas, kale, cucumbers, two small blueberry bushes, and a gooseberry bush.  Additionally, I have some tomato plants in pots.  Unfortunately for me though, someone has stolen all of the berries.  I blame the adorable chipmunk that has been spotted  around our house lately.  I did manage to get some of the blueberries before they disappeared.

This year we are members of a CSA collective that gives us veggies, as well as fruit, and shiitake mushrooms.  I highly recommend joining one.  It is the best way to enjoy seasonal vegetables, and fruits.  This website Local Harvest will help you find one.  Thanks to the fresh strawberries and rhubarb we received early in the season I was able to make a delicious pie!  strawberry rhubarb pie






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