Spaghetti Eis (ice cream)

My favorite brand of vegan ice cream is probably Temptation by Chicago Vegan Foods.  They make so many amazing flavors; there hasn’t been even one I didn’t love.  Unfortunately, for me there are really only two places around here I can get this particular brand of ice cream.  The first place that carries this brand is Strong Hearts cafe, in the form of amazingly delicious milkshakes, that even non-vegans love.  They have many fantastic milkshake choices, but I usually get something with crushed Oreo cookies. I don’t go very often though, because they are located in Syracuse which is about an hour away.  The other place with Temptation ice cream is much closer to home at Purity Ice Cream.  They aren’t entirely vegan, and they don’t have that many flavors of Temptation.  They do however pack whatever flavor you want into pints so you can bring some home.

With our ‘day we metaversary’ coming I decided to make a special ice cream sundae, Spaghetti Eis!  This is something I used to find in many ice cream shops in Southern Germany. Actually, Germany is very creative in the ice cream sundae department. Maybe, they already have but, I think they need to get on board with vegan ice cream options.

So I sent Mr. EastHillVegan to Purity to pick up some Temptation vanilla Ice cream, while I made strawberry sauce with frozen berries from early summer.  I made this with my spaetzle maker, the strawberry sauce, and chopped cashews for the “cheese”. So yummy, probably way better than the original!

spaghetti ice


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