Ride to Ithaca

I rode with my husband and a friend to Ithaca on May 25th. It was an extra warm and sunny day. One of our favorite places to eat, Angel Hearts Diner reopened for curbside pickup and I was excited to be able to go back again.

A year ago I would have said Ithaca is too far for a motorcycle ride. After countless hours of slow practice and taking longer and longer rides, I’ve come to realize that Ithaca is not that far. I would even say that the road we took was a lot of fun. It took us on on many curves through Freeville, and down into town with no problem.

I recorded the journey to Ithaca using the Insta360 camera but unfortunately the battery died and the footage was corrupted. I was able to successfully record our return trip. In the end I’ve decided that the 360 camera is fun to use but too complicated and time consuming to edit the videos. I’ve decided to sell the camera in favor of an easier to use GoPro.

The food at Angel Hearts Diner did not disappoint. I ordered the biscuits and gravy and my husband had the Philly cheese steak. It is a little sad that we could not eat inside the diner, however eating by Six Mile Creek was a great idea.

We took a slightly different route on our trip home through the town of Dryden. It wasn’t as curvy as our ride to Ithaca but the views where beautiful. I’m always a little surprised at how much more I take in the scenery on a motorcycle versus a car.

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