Exploring Fillmore Glen State Park

Recently, my husband and a friend rode our motorcycles to Fillmore Glen State park. I have been hiking in the park several times, but I can’t say as I have ever ridden a motorcycle or even driven my car this far in. Usually we park at the first parking lot and hike in. This time we figured we would stop in and go home, mostly because walking in motorcycle gear is uncomfortable.

However, when we arrived the woman at the front gate suggested we ride all the way up. So we did, and the road was challenging. It is long and parts of it are mostly gravel with some broken bits of pavement. I wondered if this counted as “off-roading”. In the end we road in and then back home without any issues. It was a fun and somewhat scary experience, but I do think I learned a lot.

The park is located near Moravia New York and is within the Finger Lakes Region. There are plenty of hiking trails, camping, and swimming in the summer months.

Learn more about the park here; https://parks.ny.gov/parks/fillmoreglen/details.aspx

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