Ride around Otisco Lake

In an effort to get more motorcycling experience (and for fun), husband and I decided to ride around all of the Finger Lakes. Some of them may be too far for us, but we might find a way to achieve this goal.

To start off we explored the roads around Otisco Lake and stopped at the lake park. We left home after work when the sun was beginning to set, making me appreciate the longer days we get during the summer months. The lake is small but the views around it are beautiful. I think I may need to return with the kayaks sometime this summer.

To give you an idea of where to find Otisco lake is, it is located about 250 miles Northwest of Manhattan. The lake is close to Syracuse in Onondaga County.

This ride wasn’t very long for us and the weather stayed nice the entire time. It is still amazing to me that just last year this area would have seemed so far away for a motorcycle ride. All the practicing has really payed off, as I’ve come to realize that this was actually a short trip.

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