Motorcycle Ride Around Owasco Lake

I’ve been to Auburn, New York a few times, even with the motorcycle.  It is a small city with a nice lakeside park, often used for boating.  Actually, Emerson park has a rental place.  The city is situated on the Northern end of Owasco lake.  Usually when we come up here it is to go to Prison City Pub and Brewery.  So, named for the Auburn Correctional Facility.  There are a few other vegan friendly spots according to Happy Cow however I have not been to them. 

Auburn has an interesting history.  Its prison was founded in 1816 and built on what was once a Cayuga village.  The people of Cayuga where members of the Iroquois (Haudenosaunee) nation and known as “The People of the Great Swamp”.  The Haudenonsaunee alliance is a group of native nations residing in New York state.   You can read more about Cayuga nation on their website.

Notably, Auburn was also home to Harriet Tubman, from 1858 until she died in 1913.  She purchased the home from New York State Senator William Seaward.  She later purchased additional land in order to build a home for the elderly.  The estate is 32 acres and is now owned by the African Methodist Episcopal Church.  The site is currently closed to visitors due to the pandemic, however it is worth visiting if you are in the area.

Harriet Tubman was buried at Fort Hill cemetery, which is open to the public from dawn until dusk.

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