Ride to Chenango Valley State Park

We had a really nice warm Spring day for New York back in March. Also my panniers arrived for the motorcycle, it was good timing for a ride and a picnic. So we packed our camping stove, food and rode to Chenango Valley state park in Broome County New York.

The temperature was fine although there was a chilly part while riding past a mountain that still had ice and snow. I was particularly nervous when I saw the metal bridge ahead but somehow still managed to get across and then make a wrong turn. Oops!

We had amazing weather during our hike and lunch. I even removed a layer for the ride home. The park is not very big but they have a beach and nice hiking trails. Worth a stop if you are in the area.


For lunch we had Spicy Red bean Chili from Patagonia Provisions, and Wasa multigrain crispbread with avocado. Our camping stove is a Coleman dual fuel.

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